can't cope

by Static Means

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recorded and mixed by Rouven Bienert at AJZ Bielefeld in August 2015

artwork by ZS Graphic

7inch version by Jean-Claude Madame and Dingleberry Records
(date of release: 11th March 2016)

all music and lyrics by Static Means


released February 22, 2016




Static Means Leipzig, Germany

Static Means is a post-punk band from Leipzig (GER).

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Track Name: can't cope
late at night when grey falls
the hours, they seem so long.
all rooms turn to just walls.
no room for the thought of dawn.
i hear you say ‘don’t take that.
sharp edges will soon be gone.
hands behind closed eyes they
reach out but I don’t wanna hold on.

lists of truth in my head
written in no words no signs.
towers high, piling up
in my head the questions why.
marching straight, endlessly
armies of time soldiers go by.
all clocks still, darkness falls
i wait for time to go by.

i can’t cope.
i can’t, can’t cope.
Track Name: spot in the crowd
she danced, turned, smiled the whole night, walking on air,
tried everything she could
to hide the fact that herself wasn’t really there.
full on suicidal mood.

in her drink her reflection caught her off guard.
the music’s clicking sound.
expensive shining bottles lined on the bar.
she grabs one and gets the hell out.

she runs, she stumbles, she falls down.
lying on the concrete she’s got blood in her mouth.
the city is quiet, her mind cries out
you almost lost yourself for a spot in the crowd!
Track Name: cracks
long built dreams fall on empty streets
break and can’t be dreamed anymore.
you say it seems like I wanted misery.
the whole unity thing, I’m bored.

how can it be almost suddenly
i’m detached from all happy thoughts.
this hip city throws cracks beneath my feet
yawning dark and deep and I fall.

and i won’t dream what i used to dream.
i don’t see what i used to see.
i can’t breathe. city dust in me.
i won’t dream what I used to dream.
Track Name: red son
in silence. in lines.
with patience forced to get used to hide.
don’t ask for new beginnings.
people in the streets, surveillance industries
they are scanning me.
no beginnings.
order everywhere, silence everywhere.

in mortified compliance.
no stepping out of planned out lives
to rise for new beginnings.
public agencies set a time for me,
give out destinies.
no beginnings.
order everywhere, silence everywhere.

rising over me.
rising, rising brutally.
rising over me
a red son is burning me.

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